Oct 30, 2017

The new issue of ICON magazine in Italy features a local guide by Ivan Carvalho on our beautiful city of Porto. Porto is called the capital of the north of Portugal for its high industrialization, as it is in the forefront of promoting the tag Made in Portugal. The article enhances Wolf & Son as an example of that and highlights a few charming spots to visit when in town!

Article transcript:
Today Porto city is a focal point of creativity led by young entrepreneurs with an international look and eager to promote 'Made in Portugal' abroad. Among the most recent successes, the start-up Wolf & Son, a brand of footwear that has created a line of shoes for fathers and sons (this year also selling in Italy) or Portuguese Flannel, a new brand of shirts managed by two brothers with a family in the industry for four generations. "Porto has always been a place of entrepreneurial booming and now there is a great energy. Shops and restaurants open almost every week." says Cristiano Lopes, owner of Wolf & Son.

Porto local guide:
Claus Porto Store
Burel Boutique
Casa do Chá Restaurant
Cantinho do Avillez Restaurant
La Paz Boutique
Pausa Bar
Chocolataria Equador
Rosa Et Al Hotel