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To shopping at WOLFANDSON.NET you just need to follow these easy steps:


Search on our SHOP the products from the lines MAN and BOY you are interested, view the product photographs, available sizes, composition, reference code and price.


Select an item and add it to your shopping bag. You can the choose to continue shopping or to process order.


To process your order you can either register or check-out as guest.


Choose your shipping method and select the shipping address where you would like to collect your order sent by standard or express delivery.


Select a payment method: Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Multibanco (only in Portugal).


Confirm the purchase and you will receive an email confirming your order.



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You will be able to pay for your order through VISA, MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER or through PAYPAL account. Wolf & Son uses the PAYPAL BUSINESS SERVICES and the HI-MEDIA PORTE MONHAIE ÉLETROHIQUE SA company to process all your payments. Visit their websites to better understand the services. Costumers in Portugal have at their disposal the payment service through ATM reference available by MULTIBANCO.


When performing the payment you confirm that you are the cardholder or PayPal account owner. The authorized amount will be charged in that moment. Credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorization by the issuer. If your card issuer does not authorize the payment Wolf & Son will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery and may not enter into the contract.


Wolf & Son respects your privacy. ALl information collected on our website will be kept confidentially and will not be sold, supplied or reused by third parties without your authorization. All information provided will be handled carefully and used for the sole purpose of executing your order and improving your experience on our website.


The shipping costs are estimated at our website, when defining the shipping destination of your order.


Deliveries shipped by CTT EXPRESSO.
Depending on the shipment volume you will receive it directly to your postbox or you are prompted to pick it up at your local CTT post office.


Deliveries shipped by UPS. For Europe and USA, you will be notified by email to collect your package on the UPS ACCESS POINT selected when placing your order.

For the rest of the world we deliver to your shipping address. Delivery rates are not inclusive import fees that could be charged when package reaches your destination country.

Returns & Exchanges

If you are not satisfied after receiving your order, you have a period of 14 DAYS from the date of receipt to return or exchange the item. To be accepted, orders must meet the following conditions: the product must not have been used; the product must be returned in original packaging. The product should be sent to our office:





WOLF & SON has an after sales costumer service to help solve any problem related to our products or deliveries, offering costumers a fast and efficient response. Please use the message form on our CONTACT page or send us a message to


Once we receive the item and checked for compliance with the requirements specified, Wolf & Son will refund the amount paid for the item. The direct cost of returning the item will be paid by the costumer; except for manufacturing defects or quality problems, where Wolf & Son is responsible for the item return cost.


To make an exchange, the costumer is responsible for all delivery and return costs. Once we have received the item, we will send you the new size or model using the same shipping method as for original purchase, free of charge to the costumer.

Terms & Conditions


This document regulates the terms and conditions of using this website and establishes the agreement between us (Wolf & Son) and you (the user).

These Terms set out the rights and obligations of all users and Wolf & Son in regards to the products ands services offered on this website. Before confirming your order and pressing the Buy Now button at the end of the order review, please carefully read these Terms. If you disagree with these Terms in its entirety, you should refrain from making any order. These terms are likely to be changed, so please read them before making any order. If in doubt about these Terms, please contact us by using our website.

Jovan Industria de Calçado Unipessoal LDAis a Portuguese company operating under the label WOLF & SON, registered in the Commercial Registry of Felgueiras on the VAT PT 506756947 and headquarters at Rua da Industria nº 68 Sendim, 4610-746 Felgueiras, Portugal.


• The information of these Terms does not constitute an offer to sell, but rather an invitation to negotiate. No contract for the products mentioned will be established between the Seller and the user without the order has been accepted by Wolf & Son (regardless of whether or not the payment was placed by the user's account). If the order is not accepted after the debit has taken place from the user's account, that amount will be refunded in full.

• To place an order you should follow the online purchasing process and press the BUY NOW button.

• You will then receive an email confirming that your order has been received by Wolf & Son – Order Confirmation. You should be aware that this does not mean that your order has been accepted. The order only constitutes an offer to purchase one or more of our products.

• All orders are subjected to acceptance by the Seller, which will always be confirmed to the user by email communicating the shipping of the product(s) - Shipping Confirmation .

• The purchase and sale agreement between Seller and user (Contact) will only be formed with the communication of the order Shipping Confirmation. The Contract will only relate to the products mentioned in the order Shipping Confirmation. The Seller shall have no obligation to provide any other products which may be in the order until the dispatch of such is subject to a separate order Shipping Confirmation. By placing an order through this website, the user declares that is at least 18 years of age and has the legal capacity to contract.


The user who engages as a consumer may freely terminate the Contract within 15 days from the date of delivery of products. In this case the user will be refunded the full price paid for the products in accordance with the provisions in Return Conditions (see clause 11). Please see the Return Conditions on how to return products. The right to rescind the Contract will only take place if the products are returned in the same condition as received by the user. The user should proceed the return by following all instructions, with necessary documents and packaging materials. All damaged products, not found in the same condition as received by the user, or showing signs of use beyond the mere opening of the packaging will not be refunded. Please take proper care of handling the product(s) while in your possession and keep the original boxes, instructions, documents and other packaging materials for subsequent product(s) return and collecting. You can find more information about the right to terminate the contract, and the explanations for its respective prosecution, covered on clause 11 of these Terms. This provision is without prejudice to any rights arising from the law.


If the seller is unable to provide delivery after one attempt, the seller shall endeavor to find a safe place to leave the product ordered, leaving a note explaining how and where the order may be collected.


Except in cases of obvious error, the price of the products will be as indicated at that moment in our website. Although the Seller will ensure that all prices on the website are correct, errors may occur. If the Seller finds that the price of a product listed in an order is incorrect, the user will be informed as soon as possible, and will be given an option to reconfirm the order at the correct price or to proceed to its cancellation. If the Seller is unable to contact the user, the order will be treated as canceled and the user will be fully refunded on the price of product(s), if the item(s) have already been paid. The Seller shall have no obligation to provide any product at an incorrect price (if lower), even if it has been issued a Shipping Confirmation for the order, if the error is obvious and unmistakable and should have been identified by the user in reasonable circumstances. The prices on the website include VAT (where applicable) but exclude delivery costs, which will be added to the final price. We reserve the right to refuse orders of large quantities or value. All prices and available quantities are likely to change at any time but, except as noted above, this change will not affect orders for which have already been issued a Shipping Confirmation.

When the user has finished shopping, all products will be placed in the shopping-bag and the next step is to proceed with the check-out registration process and the placement of payment. For this purpose the user shall:

• Press the Shopping-Bag button at the top of the page

• Press Proceed TO CHECKOUT button

• Fill or confirm the details regarding personal contacts, billing address, shipping address, shipping method and payment.

• Press the CONFIRM ORDER button.

• Make the payment.


When performing the payment the user is confirm that he is the cardholder or PayPal account owner. The authorized amount will be charged in that moment. Credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorization by the issuer but if your card issuer does not authorize the payment Wolf & Son will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery and may not enter into the contract with the user.


General Rule for returns

If the user wishes to return a product, should do so by handing it over through the carrier company to Wolf & Son's address. The user should contact the seller using the electronic form of their order return. The user should return the product in the same package used in the first delivery. The user should return the product in its box, accompanied by its documents and original packaging. The Seller shall inspect the returned product. Any product that has been damaged, that is not in the same condition as received or shows signs of use beyond simply opening the package, confers no right to refund. The user will be responsible for transportation costs (shipping and collecting costs).

Return by forfeit

The user has up to 15 days after the delivery date to return the product without justification to be required (except for products made according to your specification or personalized). The user will be responsible for transportation costs (shipping and collecting costs). Collecting expenses are equal to shipping costs. These costs will be deducted from your down payment, and the balance will be returned to you.

Return of defective products

If the user has the understanding that the product supplied on delivery is not as provided in the Contract, the user shall promptly contact the seller via electronic form, informing about the status of the product and its defects. The Seller shall inspect the returned product and inform the user via email about the right to its replacement or refund (if any), within a reasonable time. The Seller, as a rule, proceeds to the refund as soon as possible within 30 days after the date of confirmation via email, that the user is entitled to a refund or replacement of the defective product. Products returned by the user by default reasons, if the defect is confirmed, are subject to a full refund of the amount paid, including delivery and return shipping costs. The refund of any amount paid will always be made via method of payment used to purchase the product.


The refund will take place as soon as possible within 30 days from the date of notification of the return. The refund of any amount will always be done through the same method of payment used to purchase the product. These provisions are without prejudice to any user rights, which result directly from the law.


These Terms are the only conditions applicable to the use of this website and prevail over any other conditions, except in case of a prior expressed written agreement from Wolf & Son. These Terms are important for both parties, since they are designed to protect your rights as Customer and our rights as Seller and are intended to establish a legally valid agreement between the parties. By placing an order, you confirm to have read these Terms which you accept without reservation. The user agrees that:

• You can only use this website to make legitimate inquiries or orders.

• You will not place orders of speculative, false or fraudulent nature. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that a certain order has a fraudulent nature, we reserve ourselves the right to cancel the order and inform the competent authorities.

• You shall be obliged to indicate an email address, postal address or another form of contact that are correct and complete and agree that Wolf & Son can contact you by using this data, if deemed necessary.

• If you do not provide us with all of the information we need, you may not be able to complete your order.


Wolf & Son delivers orders by a deadline mentioned at the time of completion, depending on the destination country. The carriers with whom we have protocols perform deliveries Monday through Friday, between 8 and 19 hours at the address you want. Deliveries to Portugal and Madeira are made on the next business day if the order is made until 14:30. The delivery time to Azores can vary between 4-7 business days.

Tracking Order

When your order is shipped, you will receive in your email a code you can use to track your order on the webpage of the selected carrier.

Difficulties in Performing Delivery

If the carrier can not deliver your order, it will make another attempt the following day or it will contact you to schedule a new delivery. In the specific case of CTT Expresso, a postcard will be left on your post box with a notification to pick up your order at the post office.


On condition of availability (see clause 4), the Seller will make the best efforts, except in exceptional circumstances, that the products listed on the order Shipping Confirmation are delivered to the user on the expected date or, if there is no indication of date, within 15 days from the date of the order confirmation. Possible reasons for delivery delay include:

• Special products;

• Unforeseen circumstances;

• Area of delivery.

If, for any reason, the Seller cannot make the delivery on time, the user will have the option of maintaining the order by extension of the delivery date or proceed to its cancellation receiving a full refund. The user should take into account that in any case the Seller does not make deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays. For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions a delivery shall be complete or a product is considered delivered with the signing of the deposit slip at the agreed address.


From the time of delivery risks related to the product supplied shall be borne by the user's account. Ownership of the products will only pass to the user when the Seller has received full payment of the amounts owed for supplying the product, including shipping costs, or upon expenses after delivery, whichever takes the last place.


According to the rules and regulations, purchases made through this website are, where applicable, subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). The retail prices to the public, whether for an individual customer or company include, where applicable, the Value Added Tax (VAT).


The Seller respects the user privacy. All information collected on the website will be kept confidentially and will not be sold, supplied or reused by third parties without your authorization. Any information that is provided will be handled carefully and used for the sole purpose of executing your order and improve your experience on our website.

We welcome any comments about our service, so we can improve our web-shop. Our goal is to deal with any problems quickly and fairly. If you have reason to complain about our service, please email us to clearly stating that your complaint. Our aim is to respond to your complain within a few business days to resolve the issue or provide a deadline for its resolution.